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Got the Wedding Bell Wallet Blues?

Got the Wedding Bell Wallet Blues?

Sunday, February 15, 2015

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Is your baby getting married?   Everyone wants to give their daughter or future wife the wedding of her eams.  It’s so exciting to think of all of the things that you can do to make her wedding the special day to remember.  
Time passes quickly and most of us are not prepared to foot this type of bill.  Now is the time to think outside of the box!  
Yes you can give her everything that she deserves on her special wedding day if you use the Barter Business Exchange, Inc.
Here’s the list of some of the products and services that you can purchase with your BBE barter dollars to save thousands of cash dollars on the wedding:
Let a BBE barter wedding planners do the planning for you.
Select the finest wedding flowers, bouquets, corsages, and center pieces on trade.
The bride and her bridal party can beautify and relax at one of our beauty salons, spas and nail salons.
Trade for the banquet hall and catering for the wedding and the rehearsal dinner.
A gourmet, custom wedding cake is every bride’s dream.  Use the BBE bartering network to make the dream a reality.
Document the moment by trading for a BBE photographer, photo booth and videographer.

Don’t forget to get your engagement and wedding portraits on barter too!
Print the announcements, save the date cards, bachelor and bridesmaids party invitations, wedding invitations, reply cards, rehearsal dinner invitations, wedding programs, and thank you notes on barter.
Good music is essential.  We have disc jockeys, karaoke rentals, and even M/C’s on barter.
Barter for the little things that add up quickly: Party favors, attendant gifts and jewelry, gift baskets, make-up, balloons, table decorations, and more.
Don’t buy it; rent it on barter!  BBE has everything from tents, table, chairs, and linens to photo booth rentals and stage lighting all on barter.
Remember to go in style in a limousine or chauffeured luxury vehicle.  The Barter Business Exchange even has buses to bring your guest to and from their cars or hotels.
The BBE bartering network has local hotels and inns for those special out of town guests. 
Don’t forget to call your BBE Travel Broker to book you dream honeymoon on BBE barter.  Visit the International Reciprocal Trade Association and the National Association of Trade Exchange for a list of national and international barter exchanges that offer travel destinations on barter.
Did we miss something?  Chances are we have the products or service that you need on barter!  
Call your BBE Barter Brokers before you pay cash.  If we don’t have it available in the Barter Business Exchange network, we will call to recruit new business owners who can fulfill your needs.
Let the BBE staff help you make your dreams come true!

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