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Party On, Rock Star, with your Wallet in Tact

Party On, Rock Star, with your Wallet in Tact

Thursday, January 15, 2015

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Birthday Babies, Party On...
The olden days of cake and ice cream at the kitchen table are long over.  The children of today want to party like rock stars on their birthday. 
Use your BBE barter dollars to give your child the best party in town!

Start by ordering your party invitations on barter.  BBE has barter vendors with easy online ordering for your custom invitations that can even include your child’s photo.

Don’t buy it, rent it.  Have your birthday party at your house.  Rent bounce houses, karaoke machines, tents, tables, chairs, chocolate fountains, and even flamingo flocks for your front yard all available from the Barter Business Exchange.
Entertain your guest on barter!  BBE has magicians.
Every kid in the world wants a pony!  Take them horseback riding on barter. 
Don't feel like planning?  The Barter Business Exchange has members who supply everything including the  invitations, meals, entertainment, party room, and party favors.  All you need to do is provide them with the list of people to invite.
Always trade for the party necessities. BBE has bakeries, gourmet cupcakes, custom birthday cakes, and party favors on BBE barter!
Remember to buy your birthday presents from the Barter Business Exchange vendors.  We have books, games, toys, and puzzles.
Don’t forget to trade for the party favors, paper products, and bling.
Call your friendly BBE Barter Brokers at (919) 469-5538 for a complete list of vendors or log into the  BBE Online Membership Directory.
Party on and pay with BBE barter dollars.
In the end, the happiest person is going to be you.  A happy child makes for a happy parent.  So get silly, have some fun, and enjoy the birthday party without worrying about the repercussions to your wallet.

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