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Barter for Your Track-Out Camps and After-School Programs

Barter for Your Track-Out Camps and After-School Programs

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Author: Maurya Lane
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Raising happy children is hard work and expensive.  Sending your children to engaging camps and track-out programs is the ticket to everyone’s happiness.  Unfortunately, most small business owners simply do not have the cash flow to pay for all of these extra uber-cool activities.

Are you working a ton of extra hours to pay for camps for your children?  You are not alone! 

This is a perfect opportunity to put your BBE barter dollars to good use.  Save your cash and pay for the camps and track-out programs with your BBE barter dollars! 

The Barter Business Exchange, Inc. has a wide variety of camps and track-out programs on barter.

Our camp venues include academics, children’s gyms, colonial, educational farms, martial arts instruction, music lessons,  swimming, horseback riding, and even wall climbing - - all on BBE barter!

Visit the Barter Business Exchange Online Membership Directory to view the Childcare & Education category for a complete list of summer camps, track-out camps, and afterschool programs that all accept BBE barter dollars for payment.

Support local business owners, entertain your children, and keep your cash by using the Barter Business Exchange today!

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