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Give the Gift of Barter this Holiday Season

Give the Gift of Barter this Holiday Season

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Author: Maurya Lane
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Yo Ebenezer…
Have you been working your employees and free help (a/k/a your family) with no rewards or bonuses in sight?
Are you starting to question the timeline between their company loyalty and anarchy because you haven’t thrown them a bone in a very long time?
Let the Barter Business Exchange be the easy solution to your problem.
Give your employees and loved ones the gift of BBE barter dollars this holiday season.  Issue them a pre-paid BBE Debit Card.  It’s just like a VISA Debit Card except they can only use the barter dollars with the participating BBE member businesses. 
The BBE Debit Card holders will be given access to the BBE Marketplace, the Barter Business Exchange’s online membership directory where they can choose from over 1,000 active BBE vendors.  And these BBE Debit Card holders will *not* be given access to your BBE account or billing information. Call the Barter Business Exchange at (919) 469-5538 to buy pre-paid BBE Debit Cards today! 
It’s a fast, simple, and easy way to reward the people that support you in your life without depleting your cash reserves.
When you issue the BBE Pre-Paid Debit Card to employees, friends, and family members, they can also attend the BBE Holiday Fair on November 21 to use their BBE Debit Cards to shop for holiday gifts from 7,000 square foot of different barter vendors.  Click here for a complete list of 2013 BBE Holiday Fair barter vendors.  Each year, the Barter Business Exchange also provides its members with complimentary appetizers, desserts, beer, and wine for the BBE Holiday Fair. Plus Santa will be there with goodie bags for the children.  BBE also has a complimentary craft section set up for the children so the adults can shop to purchase their holiday gifts for 100% BBE barter while their children are happily engaged.  This is a great opportunity to reward your employees and loved ones with a holiday party and the ability to purchase the gifts that they want to buy. 
If you need more information about BBE Debit Cards, please click here.
Don’t be deemed a Scrooge this holiday season.  Keep your cash and don’t feel guilty about it.  When you issue them a BBE Debit Card, the recipient will have over 1,000+ spending choices within the BBE bartering network and you get to keep your cash flow flowing!

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