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Karen Celentano

We accidentally fell into the benefits of barter 11 years ago after taking over an existing business in Cary. Our membership in BBE has given us a network of goods and services that we use on a daily basis. We have reached businesses that we normally wouldn't have reached and have made new business friends. Our barter brokers are constantly asking us for needs and leads and are ALWAYS so patient and helpful with our requests. Peter and I can't thank them enough!

Member Since 2002

Karen Celentano: Fastsigns of Cary http://www.fastsigns.com/308
Bob Daniels

I have been involved with Barter Business Exchange for over 11 years. I have enjoyed many of the services and the ability to purchase items and services with Barter instead of cash. I could fill the page with the many uses we have used our barter account for but some of the best were: vacations at the beach and mountains, birthday and Christmas parties, customer and employee gifts, furniture, office supplies, dining out, bikes and kayaks just to name a few. I have also enjoyed being able to offer our services to so many great business people. With today’s challenging economy it is great to have the flexibility to use barter first and save the cash. Thanks BBE for all your service and support!

Member Since 2002

Bob Daniels: ServiceMaster of Wake County http://www.svmwake.com
Grace Li Wang

I have always raved about how BBE does a great job for its members. BBE has been just wonderful for all that they do to promote the participating barter businesses and serve their customers. The BBE staff often calls the members to promote services and products available, which has helped me to get fast and great sales as a result. I have had the pleasure of getting to know my many BBE customers thru the sales of my art, boutique gifts and pearl jewelry. I am often in touch with BBE. I have been able to purchase a wide range of services and products thus utilizing my BBE barter dollars! That has been great in saving me the cash. This past year, I have been very happy with the BBE suppliers on home repairs, video work, photography, catering, flowers and others for various events. Plus, I get to try many businesses with the confidence that BBE is behind them. I was the official "Featured Artist" for the 2011 Lazy Daze Arts Festival in Cary. My commissioned art image were widely promoted in their media and merchandise campaign for the town's 35th year art festival event. It was the largest 1-day art festival in the USA. BBE members stopped by my booth to buy my original art, giclees canvas and prints, art note cards, greeting cards, art throws, matted prints, and art book for sale on barter.

Member Since 2003

Grace Li Wang: Artist http://www.GraceLiWang.com
Anthony Hinojo

I have been a member of BBE for over 9 years now. I have seen other barter businesses locally and nationally and to be honest, they don't compare to BBE in my opinion. The variety of products and excellent staff they have are the best. My business has benefited from barter and cash customer these past few years. I have enjoyed making new friends thru BBE. I give it a 5 star rating!”

Member Since 2004

Anthony Hinojo: American Locksmith http://www.afflock.com
Daniel Bannard, DC, FIAMA, FIACA

I have been a BBE member for several years and thanks to all of you with great success. Years ago I was asked to join BBE by several existing members wanting our holistic services in Cary. I joined to help those people get our care. Little did we know that our already busy practice would sky rocket as we provided holistic services such as applied kinesiology, nutritional balancing, chiropractic, cranial-sacral, acupuncture, meridian stress, analysis, Allergy, emotional release, hormone balancing, toxin detox and many other services. The word got out and we have remained busy. Our BBE sales were well into the 6 figures!!! I never thought to go on hold because we made so many friends and helped so many people and families. Our purpose is to help people get well. We are truly blessed. BBE has helped us and continues to support our purpose by referring patients on a regular basis to me. The Staff at BBE feels like family, they are always nice and willing to help out. I have also referred many businesses who now are on BBE and are very happy to be part of this Family. I always think BBE first when going to purchase anything. One call to the office and they are on it, like magic I get an email with a list of businesses. Here is a small list of some ways I am able to spend my barter bucks: Restaurants, car repairs, house repairs, painters, gifts, advertising, gift baskets, jewelry, massages, day spas, condo' s in Myrtle Beach, Florida and other locations, a billiard table, game room accessories, limos, cameras, stereos, show tickets, furniture, office printing, signs and banners, central vacuum, shakes, phones, books, a drum set, and a whole lot of other cool things I may not have gotten if it wasn't for BBE. We have expanded a Martial Arts and teaching studio built into our office so we are now accepting BBE for Martial Arts Classes. We look forward to another good year despite tough economic times because we are a part of BBE and plan to remain with them for a very long time thanks to all of you.

Member Since 2004

Daniel Bannard, DC, FIAMA, FIACA: Bannard Family Chiropractic and Acupuncture http://www.thebannardcenter.com
John Lanzer and Jonathan Habers

We have been BBE members for almost 6 years now and have found it to be an extremely valuable resource to our business. We have been able to assist other BBE members with their computer service needs and in return we are able to use BBE for various aspects of our business in order to minimize our cash outgo for items such as marketing materials, web design and printing. We also use BBE for many other services like carpet cleaning, handyman services and automotive repair just to name a few. It is especially beneficial to have the opportunity to market our services to potential clients through BBE because it provides access to many other businesses that we may never have reached outside of the BBE network. Thanks BBE for all that you do and truly helping all of your clients in this uncertain economic market.

Member Since 2007

John Lanzer and Jonathan Habers: Xpert Technology Solutions, Inc. http://www.xtsnc.com
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