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Dr. Catherine Ha Knowing that bartering has been around for thousands of years, it just never occurred to me in my 18 years of being in business until I sat down and met with Molly (Purcell) Mack. I was a bit skeptical initially but after having met Molly, she definitely sold me. The reason why I chose to join BBE in 2011 was because of wonderful people like John Collier who go above and beyond with excellent customer service and with such professionalism. Because I am pretty busy practicing or managing my dental practice, I usually don't have the time to go on their website and search so I just pick up the phone and John mostly likely will have a referral right away or he will email with his referrals within minutes. He would also follow up with me after a few days to see if I had any questions. I definitely recommend Maurya and her team because of their excellent customer service, support and professionalism. They have perfected the business of bartering!

I have enjoyed using BBE because I am able to use the barter credits for a variety of products and services for the dental practice, myself and my team members by conserving the much needed cash that would otherwise go towards the fixed expenses like payroll, rent and utilities, etc. I have used Mary Kay cosmetics by Marcella Stewart; restaurants such as the Melting Pot, Havana Grill and Z-Pizza; chiropractors such as Dr. Dave Sefried and his team at Preston Chiropractic and especially being pampered by the folks at the Nirvelli Day Spa. When I needed a plumber or the A/C worked on, I just call Environmental Heating and Air, window cleaners such as TLC Windows and the list goes on and on...

I was looking for a creative way to increase and grow my dental practice by offering dental services to the local community of small business owners and/or their employees. BBE has helped my business by referring me other business owners, their children and employees who may need dental services such as exams, x-rays, cleanings, Invisalign, teeth whitening, cosmetics dentistry, Implants, etc. The business owners in turn may refer their friends, family and colleagues who may or may not be barter members. But most of all I especially enjoy meeting many wonderful people and even their children.

    BBE Member Since 2011
Dr. Catherine Ha: Carolina Dental Associates http://www.carolinadental.net
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