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Barter Basics

What is a barter exchange?

A barter exchange is a trade company that acts as a clearinghouse and third party record keeper of trade transactions among its clients, which are businesses that contract with BBE to organize and facilitate barter of their goods and/or services with other business owners.

What is the Barter Business Exchange?

The Barter Business Exchange, Inc. is a network of business owners who want to help each other prosper by trading products and services within their communities to increase commerce and reduce cash expenditures.

What is a barter dollar?

A barter dollar is an accounting unit used to record the value of trades. One barter dollar is equal to one dollar in U.S. currency. Ownership of barter dollars denotes the right to receive goods and services available within the trade network. Barter dollars may be used only in the manner and for the purpose set forth in the BBE Trading Policies and Procedures. Barter dollars will not be considered legal tender, securities, or commodities. Barter dollars may not be redeemed for cash. BBE disclaims responsibility for the negotiability of barter dollars.

What is a barter broker?

A barter broker is a BBE employee whose function it is to assist clients in the sale and purchases of goods and services on barter.

What is a client?

A client is a business that has contracted with BBE to exchange its goods and/or services with other clients and wishes to subscribe to BBE's record keeping and barter services.

What is a client in good standing?

A client who conducts trades in accordance with the BBE Trading Policies and Procedures, is current in any monies owed to BBE, and has a valid barter card, is considered a client in good standing. Only clients in good standing are entitled to the services of BBE. When a client has by his or her conduct or misconduct displayed to BBE the inability to meet the standards set in client's own industry relative to the quality of goods or services, or has been charged with the commission of a crime involving fraud or moral turpitude, or otherwise exhibits to BBE that the client's reputation in the business community has been diminished, then for the protection of the remaining clients, BBE reserves the right to restrict the use of client's barter dollars to purchases only and shall restrict the rights of said client to sell or advertise client's goods or services for sale until such time as client can exhibit to BBE that the standards expected in client's own industry can be met. Expired debit cards shall remove a client from being a client in good standing.

What are the benefits of bartering?

Bartering is an excellent way to expand your business and save your precious cash reserves. Reasons smart business owners barter:

INCREASE MARKET SHARE When you accept new barter business, you increase your sales and you take sales away from your competitors.

REDUCE OVERHEAD COSTS Use incremental barter sales to offset daily operating expenses and reduce overhead costs such as janitorial service, printing, vehicle maintenance, signage, etc.

COLLECT SLOW RECEIVABLES When a buyer has consistently caused a collection problem for you or is limited to purchases due to their credit standing, offer barter dollars as a method of payment; there are no receivables in barter transactions.

PENETRATE LOST ACCOUNTS By accepting other goods as payment and filtering them through the barter exchange, you can penetrate elusive accounts with a very attractive method of payment to them,

GENERATE REFERRALS More barter business typically means more people talking about your company and referring new potential cash customers to your door you otherwise wouldn’t find.

REDUCE THE COST OF BORROWING Rather than paying cash interest on working capital or capital expenditure loans, use your barter credit line against future sales.

ENHANCE EMPLOYEE BENEFITS Secure employee loyalty and productivity by bartering for your employee’s dental services, medical services, vehicle repairs, and incentive items.

CONVERT EXCESS INVENTORY Don’t have inventories idle. List slow moving goods with BBE and earn barter dollars that can be used for today’s operating expenses.

UTILIZE EXCESS CAPACITY As fixed costs remain the same during slow times, utilize the capacity on hand to produce products or provide services for something available on barter ... it’s better than nothing.

CONSERVE CASH You can conserve cash by using inventories and excess capacity to purchase operating expenses that are normally paid on a cash basis.

EXPAND YOUR ADVERTISING AND MARKETING EFFORTS Using barter for your advertising will bring in new cash customers and you will be more visible as your competitors spend their cash working capital.

How can I tell if bartering is good for my business?

Most companies find barter to be very profitable. Evaluating your particular situation is very important. If your business is not yet operating at full capacity, or if you plan to expand in the future, please take about 5 minutes to assess your needs by viewing products and services currently offered on BBE below.  If your business is too busy or if you do not see products and services that you need, you probably do not need our services. Remember, every new customer you service after you have met your fixed office expenses (payroll, rent, utilities, etc.) is very profitable. Providing your products and services for even a few new customers after basic expenses are met can make a big difference to your bottom line.

ADVERTISING: Blogs, Chamber Maps, Commercial Video Services, Co-op Advertising, Direct Mail Advertising, Directory and Guide Advertising, Email Marketing, Expos, Gas Station Pump Billboards, Graphic Designers, Help Wanted Advertising, Internet Advertising, Magazine Advertising, Marketing, Newspaper Advertising, Commercial Photography, Playbill Sponsorship Advertising, Promotional Products, Radio Advertising, Signs, Social Media Marketing, and Text Marketing.

ANIMALS AND PETS: Animal Products, Pet Boarding, Pet Sitting, Pet Taxi, Pet Grooming, Pet Training, and Vets.

ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT: Art, Art Lessons, Bounce Houses, Concert Tickets, Crafts, Dance Lessons, Entertainment, Magicians, Music Lessons, and Theatre Tickets.

AUTOMOTIVE: Auto Body Repairs and Painting, Auto Detailing, Auto Glass, Auto Locksmith, Auto Products, Auto Repairs, Boat Services, Boats For Sale, Car Wash, Towing, and Transmission Repairs.

BUSINESS & INDUSTRIAL: Accounting and Payroll, Alarms and Security Systems, Background Checks, Bookkeeping, Business Coaches, Business Incubator Service, Business Services, Business Training, Cell Phone Repairs, Commercial Products and Services, Fire Extinguishers and Services, HIPAA Training and Services, Lawyers and Legal Services, Meeting Facilities, Notary Public, OSHA Training, Office Equipment, On Hold Messaging, PR - Public Relations, Phone Systems, Printing Companies, Public Speaking, Real Estate Agents, Real Estate Services, Recruiting Services, Sales Training, Tax Deductible Donations, Tax Preparation, Tee Shirts and Screen Printing, Toner Cartridges, and Writing Services.

CHILDCARE & EDUCATION: After School Programs, Camps, Daycare, Educational Instruction, Track-Out Programs, and Tutors.

CLEANING: Air Purifiers, Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning, Cleaning Products, Commercial Cleaning, Duct Cleaning, Fire, Smoke and Soot Restoration, Hood Cleaning, House Cleaning, Junk Removal, Mold Removal and Remediation, Office Cleaning, Pressure Washing, Vacuum Cleaners, and Window Cleaning.

COMPUTERS AND INTERNET: Audio Visual Equipment and Services, Cabling, Computer Backups, Computer Repairs and Services, Computers and Products, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Virtual Events, Virtual Software Programs, Web Hosting, and Web Page Design.

CONTRACTORS: Carpenters and Contractors, Deck Services, Decorating and Organizing, Electrical Contractors, Electronics Installation Services, Equipment Rentals, Equipment Repairs, Flooring and Services, Garage Door Installation and Repairs, Grading and Crane Services, Gutter Cleaning, HVAC Repairs, Lawn Fertilization and Seeding, Locksmiths, Mosquito Control, Painting and Wallpaper Contractors, Paving, Concrete and Stonework, Pest Control, Pool and Spa  Products and Services, Restoration Contractors, Roofing Contractor, Tile Services, Tree Services, Upholstery and Furniture Services, and Water Systems and Services.

FOOD & BEVERAGE INDUSTRY: Bakery, Chocolates and Truffles, Coffee and Coffee Services, Food Industry Products, Food Industry Services, Menu Printing, Seafood Market, and Wine.

HEALTH & WELLNESS: Acupuncture, Alternative and Holistic Health, CBD Products, Chiropractors, Counselors, Dentists, E-Cigs and Vape Products, Eye Exams, Contacts and Glasses, Hypnosis, Laser Services, Massage, Nutritional Products, Orthodontists, Reiki, and Weight Loss.

PARTY & SPECIAL EVENT: Banquet Facilities, Birthday Parties, DJ Services, Event Planning, Limos, Sedans and Bus Rentals, Party Equipment Rentals, Party Supplies, Photobooth and Green Screen Rentals, Photographer, and Video Services.

PERSONAL CARE & BEAUTY: Day Spas, Eyebrow Tinting, Facials, Hair Salons, Health and Beauty Products, Nail Salons, and Waxing.

RESTAURANTS & CATERERS: Caterers, Food Trucks, and Restaurants.

RETAILERS & MERCHANDISE: Awnings, Books, Cell Phone Accessories, Clothing and Accessories, Electronics and Accessories, Fitness Equipment, Flags, Florists, Flowers and Plants, Furniture and Services, Gift Baskets and Gift Sets, Home Furnishings, Industrial Products, Jewelry, Musical Instruments, Photography Studio, Rugs and Oriental Carpets, Sporting Goods, Sunglasses, TVs, and Trophies and Awards.,

SHIPPING, MOVING & STORAGE: Boat and RV Storage, Closet and Garage Storage, Moving Companies, Packaging Supplies, and Storage Facilities.

SPORTS & FITNESS: Gymnastics, Health Clubs, Horseback Riding, Martial Arts Lessons, Personal Trainers, Rock Climbing, Sports Events Tickets, Sports Goods, and Yoga.

TRAVEL BY REGION: Canada, Caribbean, Europe, Mexico, & the United States of America.


How do I choose a barter exchange?

Read our "How to Choose a Barter Exchange" section to learn everything you need to know about choosing a barter exchange.