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How to Choose a Barter Exchange

Wikipedia states that, "Prosperity is the state of flourishing, thriving, good fortune and / or successful social status." Everyone wants to prosper, and BBE wants to help you to prosper too.

Below are the simple steps one might take to perform due diligence before choosing a barter exchange to help you prosper:

Review Their Membership Directory

Every legitimate, established barter exchange has an online membership directory. Ask to view their online membership directory. Make sure that there are products and services in the directory that you can use. Clarify if their online directory includes the businesses that are not accepting barter business. 

Are They Registered Members of IRTA?

The International Reciprocal Trade Association, IRTA, is a non-profit organization committed to promoting just and equitable standards of practice and operation within the modern trade and barter and alternative capital systems Industry and raising the awareness and value of these processes to the entire Worldwide Community. If you have questions, please contact Ron Whitney, IRTA Executive Director, at (757) 393-2292 or email IRTA.

Are They Registered Members of NATE?

The National Association of Trade Exchanges, NATE, is the premier organization for trade exchange owners from across the country and around the world. If you have questions, please contact Raye Hampton-Fegan, NATE Broker, at (617) 763-3311 or email NATE.

Research Their Better Business Bureau Listing

Go to the Better Business Bureau. Type in their company name. Do this for their local listing and their national listing.  If they are not listed on the Better Business Bureau as a legitimate business in each of their locations, raise an eyebrow.

Research Their Internet Domain Name

In the WHOIS Lookup, type in their web page address and click go. You should get contact information for the barter exchange, a technical contact, and their creation date, the date that the website was orininally created. 

Research All Of The Company Locations Listed On Their Web Page

Go to Google and type in their company name, city, state and country to get the addresses and contract information for each of the locations listed on their web page. Use Google Maps to zoom into the photos of their corporate location advertised on their web page. If they claim to have a worldwide presence, you should be able to use Google Maps to view every location listed on their web page and you should get an internet link that details their business name and address for that location.  For example, if you go to Google Maps and type in a company name, it will list all of the nationwide locations with terraine photos.

Research The Telephone Listing On Their Web Page

Go to the Yellow Pages and type in their company name and city and state. Do this for all of the locations advertised on their web page. This will list their all of their telephone land lines and company locations. Beware of barter exchanges who operate via cell phone without physical locations. 

Ask them how they market YOUR BUSINESS to the other participating business owners in their bartering network.

The biggest mistake that business owners make when they join a barter exchange is that they fail to ask how the system works. How do they promote your business to the participating business owners? Do they have Barter Brokers? When are the Barter Brokers available to service your account if you need something? Do the Barter Brokers to telemarket your products and services to the other businesses? Do they do broadcast emails? Do they have online membership directories where you can search for available products and services? Do they have networking events and holiday fairs?

Use Common Sense!

Anyone can advertise anything they want on the world wide web. Take the time to verify the facts on their web page before you join. The reality is this, if sell your products and services to a barter exchange that doesn’t have anything to offer you in return, it is a bad investment. There are hundreds of successful, established barter exchanges in the United States. Make sure that you invest in the barter exchange that is going to go the extra mile to send you new business, and choose the barter exchange that has procedures in place to help you spend your barter dollars on the products and services that are going to reduce your cash expenditures.

Choose the people that you trust.

The Barter Business Exchange is your full-service barter exchange that cares about you, your employees, and your family.