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Why Choose BBE

BBE is the largest barter exchange in North Carolina. We have traded millions of dollars in barter transactions since 1994.

We are proud members of NATE and IRTA, the national and international associations that set the ethical standards for the Barter Industry:

National Association of Trade Exchanges (NATE)

International Reciprocal Trade Exchange (IRTA)
We trade nationally and globally with hundreds of different barter exchanges through Barter Association National Currency (BANC) and Universal Currency (UC), the barter currencies for NATE and IRTA.  Our members can trade with businesses owners in Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, South America, Mexico, and the United States.

Our staff constantly and consistently markets your business to help you get new business and spend your barter dollars.
Three time a week, we send Broadcast Emails to all authorized spenders. The purpose of the email is to promote the new members, specials, one-time offers, and the members who want more barter business.

Every month, the Barter Brokers will call you to tell you about the new members and special barter offers.  The Barter Brokers are available Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm via phone, email, fax, or chat to help you with your barter needs.

The BBE Marketplace is an online membership directory that has several features to promote your business.  Members can search the membership directory for businesses by category or key words, submit online travel requests, and order restaurant scrip, and gift certificates online.

Members can sell their wares to other barter exchanges nationally and internationally on the IRTA / UC and NATE / BANC websites and advertise on the daily broadcast emails that are sent to these barter exchanges. 

We host and annual Holiday Fair and networking event where BBE members can buy or sell their products and meet the other participating members.  This catered event is free for all of our members.

BBE has more employees to service members’ accounts than any other barter exchange in North Carolina.  We are local, involved in our community, and we care about the welfare of our clients.
Maurya Lane, the President, is a hands-on entrepreneur who has successfully owned and operated BBE for over twenty years. She recruits new members, maintains the online membership directory, and facilitates the broadcast emails.

Office Manager, Carolyn Bramwell, maintains the office and answers all billing and broker related questions.

BBE does NOT charge an annual renewal fee. We prefer to earn our money by helping you spend your barter dollars on the products and services that you need.