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Five Ways to Stay Healthy through Barter

Five Ways to Stay Healthy through Barter

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Author: Maurya Lane
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Did you know that getting fit is one of the best ways to spend your barter? Maybe your job doesn’t really get you moving. Maybe you put on one or two more pounds then you meant to over the holidays. Well, that’s no problem – you can trade to get in shape again! There are lots of gyms using BBE Barter to increase their business, and they’re just waiting for you to start trading with them!

Not the gym type? No problem! How about a new hobby instead? Did you know that there are swimming pools on our bartering network? There are swim clubs that would love to accept your BBE Barter!

Don’t like to get wet? That’s okay! It’s easy to burn off a few extra pounds and get the most of life by taking up ballroom dance! The Barter Business Exchange, Inc. is proud to claim ballrooms as members! So if you’re looking to be the perfect date, treat your wife, or impress an old flame, trade with BBE to take up ballroom dance!

Two left feet? Let the horse do the walking for you. Search the marketplace at www.ncbarter.com and you’ll find that there are horseback riding available through trade!

Maybe even thinking about getting exercise is too stressful for you. You know what else is healthy? A day at the spa! There are several different great spa options available to members of the Barter Business Exchange! Because sometimes you need to set business aside and trade for a relaxing afternoon instead.

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